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Publishing Date: 08/03/2012

Online: 08/03/2012


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We’ve made some changes at The Bookseller and are sending you the first new magazine with our compliments.

Firstly, what’s not changed? Well you can still rely on The Bookseller for the most up-to-date publishing news is still there as are the very best book and category previews, the latest media tie-ins, business insight from industry leaders and the largest list of book industry jobs. But we’ve refined and expanded these essential parts and shaken them up a bit so you’ll find them quicker and more
accessible than ever.

You’ll notice a whole new focus on real business usefulness together with enhanced content in key areas:

- The International page now delivers charts and ‘bubbling-unders’ from key overseas markets - the US especially. We’ll
be tracking the books, the authors and the genres that can sell in the UK.

- Book Previews are bought to the fore. The judgements of our previewers is made more obvious helping retailers
allocate shelf-space.

- Top 50 Chart. We are now putting more focus on what has happened in the week - to help a retailer act if they have not performed as well as the market in general or a publisher determine what more they can do with retail to match a competitor’s chart position. Plus, for the first time, we are looking at chart data over a longer month/quarter timescale to give a stronger overview.

- Our new Digital News page brings context to the digital developments that now touch every aspect of publishing and retailing and to draw on opinion and insight from The Bookseller’s FutureBook blog complete with the only UK e-book charts.

We do hope you enjoy the new magazine. If you would like to subscribe then you’ll be sure to never miss an issue and you’ll get unlimited access to subscriber-only content at

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| Date : 2012-03-16 | Time : 19:34:20

Why is there no functionality to zoom out to a readable font size? The text is too small and loses resolution when enlarged. This is not a good advertisement for your magazine.



| Date : 2012-03-16 | Time : 17:37:39

Reading online is uncomfortable without the ability to enlarge to fit the full screen. I can easily view 2 A4 pages on my monitor at full size, but it wasn't an option with this publication, so it could not be considered a viable alternative to print without the full screen option being sorted.



| Date : 2012-03-16 | Time : 17:03:50

w Unreadable. Text too small and fuzzy, even when zoomed. Was considering subscribing but this puts me off.



| Date : 2012-03-16 | Time : 16:53:42

Text unclear - hard to read



| Date : 2012-03-16 | Time : 16:41:32

Infuriating not to be able to read a full page at a time when zooming. (or to be able to page further down on a zoomed page). Much too small to read even as a single page.



| Date : 2012-03-12 | Time : 08:07:18

New look! New headquarter! New widget! TheBookseller is keeping up the pace. Congratulations.

Phil Groom


| Date : 2012-03-10 | Time : 09:14:28

Excellent new look, blessed indeed as Sir Horace has noted by Sister Wendy's presence on the cover. Some good articles, especially Tom Tivnan on PoD, but alas, beyond that front cover, insufficent content relevant to my sector of the marketplace (Christian bookselling) to warrant the outlay of a subscription. Thank you: appreciated the opportunity to peruse this issue.

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