Author(s): Avinash Upadhyay,Kakoli Upadhyay,Nirmalendu Nath

Edited by:

Comments: 7

Views: 4291

Publishing Date: 30/11/2009

Online: 10/06/2010

Publisher: Himalaya Publishing House

Hardcover: 81-8318-865-4


A thorough understanding of the analytical techniques and equipment used
in biological and medical sciences is an absolute requisite for any student of life
sciences. However, a complete insight into these techniques is possible only when
the student understands the basic principles of biophysical chemistry, The present
book addresses itself to these twin objectives. The first half of the book deals with
such basic physico-chemical principles as the acid-base equilibria, the colloidal
phenomena, and surface phenomena like surface tension and adsorption. The
second half of the book addresses itself to the discussion of the techniques utilizing
these principles and also the instruments used in each case. All through the book
the stress has been on presenting the basic concepts in as simple a way as possible.
Wherever necessary, and wherever not limited by space, full derivation and
explanation of mathematical relationships have been provided.
Thought-provoking additional information of diverse nature such as physicochemical
principles related to medicine, human health and animal physiology,
interesting bits of history, use of techniques for diagnostic purposes, etc., has been
provided throughout the book. In any instances, more difficult items which may
not be of immediate need to the student but would definitely add to his/her
knowledge have also been provided. All such information has been provided in
distinct boxes so that it can be easily identified and does not interfere with the flow
of the main text. Also given all through the book are problems related to each
topic. The problems have been diligently selected so as to require reasoning and
thoughtful analysis in order to be solved. These problems have been focused in


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