Skill Set 1 - Graphic Design: A Primer in South African Graphic Design

Author(s): Michael MacGarry

Edited by:

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Publishing Date: 30/11/2008

Online: 20/07/2010

Publisher: David Krut Publishing

Hardcover: 9780981404202


Written by graphic designer Michael MacGarry, and featuring the work of leading design professionals, and targeted at designers, A Primer in South African Graphic Design features design fundamentals and principles; practical advice and guidance; designing for and within the local context; example of work by designers; Q & A with experienced local design professionals; and a glossary of highly-relevant resources and information.

The book provides an intelligent balance of educational material relevant to design students and practical content to help young professionals embark on their careers, whilst providing sufficiently advanced material and content to appeal to mid-level and experienced designers and allied industry practitioners alike.

SKILL SET: Knowledge Resource and Educational Series is a new multi-volume series for specialised design disciplines. Using a practicable, outcomes-based approach, Skill Set will provide instruction in various fields of design, including graphic design, stage design, fashion design and industrial design – serving as a resource for both amateurs and professionals alike. Though neither a textbook nor a design manual, the book will help develop specific skills, intelligent design solutions, and effective project outcomes. It will be a resource on the fundamental principles of graphic design, a source of inspirations and ideas, a business tool for designers, and a much-needed critical showcase of local graphic design.

The Skill Set series will feature content relevant to both a local and international context, as well as commentary and work by leading local design professionals. The series is aimed at a broad audience that includes learners at secondary schools and tertiary institutions, as well as emerging and experienced professionals.

This first title will be officially launched at the Design Indaba 2009.

Author Michael MacGarry is a graphic designer, writer and artist based in Johannesburg. He began his design career in Dublin and London before returning to South Africa to work with The Trinity Session as designer, copywriter, and researcher. He is currently Senior Designer at Fever Identity Design. MacGarry has an MFA from the University of the Witwatersrand, and is also a visual artist who has exhibited locally and internationally. He is owner of and is a founder member of art-collective AVANT CAR GUARD. As a writer, MacGarry has been published in several local magazines, and recently co-published, along with Lloyd Gedye, a limited-edition magazine titled The Pavement Special.


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