Punitivity International Developments.

Vol. 3: Punitiveness and Punishment

Author(s): Helmut Kury/Evelyn Shea (Eds.)

Edited by:

Publisher: brockmeyer


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Publishing Date: 28/02/2011

Online: 09/02/2011

Paperback: 9783819607790

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Kury, Helmut/Shea, Evelyn (Eds.): Punitivity International Developments.

Vol. 3: Punitiveness and Punishment (Crime & Crime Policy Vol. 8/3) Bochum 2011, ISBN 978-3-8196-0779-0, Softcover. 390 pp. 24 x 17 cm. € 49,90 = $ 64.60

Punitivity International Developments Vol. 8/3


Helmut & Shea, Evelyn: Punitivity and Punishment – An Introduction.

III.1. The Impact of Punitiveness on Imprisonment Dessecker, Axel: Life Sentences in Germany: An Example of increasing Punitiveness in the Criminal Justice System? Gunnlaugsson, Helgi: Criminal Punishment in Iceland in the New Millennium; Kuhlmann, Annette: Punitiveness in the US Criminal Justice System; Winterdyk, John & King, Doug: Perspective on Punitiveness for Adult Offenders: Contrasting Canada and the United States.

III.2. Different Alternatives : Heinz, Wolfgang: Punitiveness in German Sanctioning Practice – Myth or Reality? Shea, Evelyn, Baccaro, Laura & Morelli, Francesco: Whatever happened to Rehabilitation as a cornerstone of lasting security? The case of Italy.

III.3. The Effectiveness of Punishment: Peper, Martin & Chavanon, Mira-Lynn: The Neuropsychology of Punishment ; Kunst, Heike: The Psychological Power Factors of Judicial Sanctioning; Dölling, Dieter, Entorf, Horst, Hermann, Dieter & Rupp, Thomas: Meta-Analysis of Empirical Studies on Deterrence.


Es wird insgesamt drei Teilbände geben. Bd. 8/1 ist erschienen Bd. 8/3 erscheint 28. 2. 2011 und 8/2 Ende März 2011. Einzelpreis je € 49,90 Bei Abnahme aller drei Bände berechnen wir einen Gesamtpreis von € 134,70 ( also jeder Band € 44,90)

It will be published three Vol. 8/1 just published; Vol. 8/3 will appear 28th Febr. and Vol. 8/2 end of March 2011. Each Vol. € 49,90, if you order all three Vols. the subscription price will be all together € 134,70 (ISBN Vol. 8,1-3: 978-3-8196-0780-6) = 174.35

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