TAXI-013 Diane Victor

Author(s): Elizabeth Rankin and Karen von Veh

Edited by:

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Publishing Date: 31/01/2008

Online: 20/07/2010

Publisher: David Krut Publishing

Hardcover: 9780958497589


The tension generated by Diane Victor’s impressive body of drawings and prints arises not simply from her biting social commentary and the sometimes macabre nature of her images and narratives, but from an interplay between the tough and the fragile, between the hard edges of her visual narratives and the delicate mark-making and fragility of her preferred media.

Victor’s steady output over two decades has made her one of the most important of contemporary South African artists. She has won many awards including the Sasol New Signatures and the Financial Mail/J&B Rare Achievers Award for Art. She has exhibited widely and her work is held in private and public collections in South Africa and abroad.

Elizabeth Rankin discusses Victor’s prints, exploring their relationship to other elements of her work, while Karen von Veh focuses on Victor’s drawings, arguing that the work recalls nineteenth-century Gothic but is also strongly contemporary in its exploration of sexual politics.


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