Mambo Hills

Historical and Religious Significance

Author(s): Marieke Clarke

Edited by:

Publisher: 'amaBooks Publishers


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Publishing Date: 27/09/2008

Online: 14/06/2010

Hardcover: 9780797435896

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Mambo Hills: Historical and Religious Significance considers the sacred site to the north-east of Bulawayo that is also known as Intaba zi ka Mambo or Manyanga. Officials of the Mwali Religion that is practised there took leading roles in the War of the Red Axe of 1896, which nearly ended British South Africa Company rule in Southern Rhodesia.
In this path-breaking study, Marieke Clarke draws on oral tradition as well as archival material to write the history, up to recent times, of this area that has importance across Zimbabwe.

A wonderfully unpretentious, accessible yet sophisticated account of the historical and religious significance of the Mambo Hills in Matabeleland North. In this booklet Marieke Clarke has done much to show how place, history and biography inevitably entangle across Zimbabwe’s wider landscapes, and not just at a few, monumentalised and highly celebrated sites, magnificent as they maybe. Dr Joost Fontein, University of Edinburgh in the BZS newsletter

All in all this is an interesting and important work that focuses on local areas and agency rather than broad sweeping panoramas. The author and publishers are also to be congratulated on ensuring that it is made available locally. Too often now our history is written and published elsewhere, so that we at home are denied access to it; we are studied and written about but the results are never shared with the actual people involved. May this trend initiated by Clarke continue. Rob Burrett, Prehistory Society of Zimbabwe Newsletter

The history of the region has turned upon these ancient granite domes on more than one occasion, yet they have received little attention in both academic and popular writings until fairly recently. This booklet is therefore perhaps the most important document yet published about the history of the hills... We have a valuable historical discussion of the changing religious and social importance of the area. Paul Hubbard, The Digging Stick (newsletter of the South African Archeological Society)

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| Date : 2010-07-22 | Time : 06:12:14

Looks an interesting read

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