My Life After Life

A Posthumous Memoir

Author(s): Galen Stoller

Edited by:

Publisher: Dream Treader Press


Comments: 29

Views: 10674

Publishing Date: 01/04/2011

Online: 27/02/2012

eBook/ePub: 9780983242505
Hardcover: 9780615383071

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An unorthodox personal tale of both tragedy and transcendence, My Life After Life confronts timeless questions concerning what happens to our loved ones and ourselves after death. The journey began for Doctor K Paul Stoller one evening in 2007 when he received a phone call from the state police that his 16-year-old son Galen had been killed three hours earlier at an unguarded railroad crossing. Dr. Stoller and his mother, Galen’s beloved grandmother, were driving from Santa Fe, New Mexico to a charity banquet in Albuquerque. In shock, they turned around immediately and headed back to Santa Fe. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Stoller’s son appeared and eventually began to communicate with him in dream states. Keenly aware of their emotional bond during his son’s life, Dr. Stoller would soon realize just how powerfully that bond could express itself. Confused at first, plagued by disbelief, and overwhelmed with grief, Dr. Stoller experienced difficulty in accepting what was happening to him, both the stress of the loss and the stress of the contact. Galen had to demonstrate that it was truly him reaching across cosmic boundaries to sustain contact with his father. Eventually convinced of this reality, Dr. Stoller began journaling hundreds of pages of communication from Galen about his new circumstances, which led eventually to this book, dictated by Galen and recorded by his father. Stoller’s only comments in this revelatory account appear in his Editor’s Notes at the end of each chapter.

Comments (29)

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1053 Day(s) ago 


| Date : 2012-07-11 | Time : 07:44:00

A little rationality lifts the quality of the debate here. Thanks for contriubting!


1053 Day(s) ago 


| Date : 2012-07-10 | Time : 12:37:57

It's a relief to find someone who can explain thigns so well


1057 Day(s) ago 


| Date : 2012-07-06 | Time : 23:59:19

Dr. Stoller, this is Jewell, Leslie Botha's friend... I am ordering you and Beloved Galen's book... It has so touched my heart and I am so grateful that your work together has and is providing such a needed awareness to all of humanity... I look forward to sharing more with you after I have received and reviewed the most current release of your communications... with upmost gratitude, and with warmest regards.


1116 Day(s) ago 


| Date : 2012-05-08 | Time : 14:55:19

thank you


1136 Day(s) ago 


| Date : 2012-04-18 | Time : 15:43:58

I love this.. It's worth the read.


1136 Day(s) ago 


| Date : 2012-04-18 | Time : 15:43:58

I love this.. It's worth the read.

Deborah Hall

1137 Day(s) ago 


| Date : 2012-04-17 | Time : 09:29:24

My son of 23yrs passed over after a tragic drowning accident on the 24.09.2010. I strongly believe in life after. That there is no death and that we survive death. I am so excited to grow and learn about our spirituality and to know that we are truly a wonderfully made being. I know my son is with me and that I will see him and all my loved ones as soon as my earthly body shuts down. So excited about living here on earth but ecstatic about going home.

P. Marino

1138 Day(s) ago 


| Date : 2012-04-17 | Time : 03:59:50

Can't wait to read the rest ... I absolutely believe this is possible.

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