The Chaplain's Assistant

God, Country, and Vietnam

Author(s): JT Caldwell

Edited by:

Publisher: Glenn Street Press


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Publishing Date: 09/10/2009

Online: 26/01/2012

Paperback: 978-0-9841964-0-1
eBook/ePub: 978-0-9841964-1-8

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The Chaplain’s Assistant: God, Country, and Vietnam, is “nothing like any Vietnam story you've read before.” Caldwell manages to capture the country, the war, and the people caught up in it in a way that is emotional, profane, sexy and heart-breaking. This is JT Caldwell’s debut novel and is a next generation war memoir - one without battles, bullets or air strikes, but as grim and realistic as the war it documents. The Midwest Review called the book “solid and riveting reading,” and it is a humor-laced novel that strikes a balance between the absurd and merciless effects of combat and their long-term impact on the soldiers who fight Americas wars. Technology has changed the way wars are fought, and every soldiers story is, in some way, unique. But when a soldier returns from war, he or she faces the same struggles as Ted Bertson, the soldier who is at the center of The Chaplains Assistant. For better or for worse, Caldwell captures it all and leaves us a little battle scarred in the process. This is a must read for veterans of all recent wars, students of history, and families of veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

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