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Chapter One: Beauty Awakened

Chapter Two: Welcome to HEA

Chapter Three: The Fairy Headmistress

Chapter Four: Professor Pumpkin

Chapter Five: Why-ning Group

Chapter Six: Cheesy Magic

Chapter Seven: Real Princesses

Chapter Eight: Once Uponatime

Chapter Nine: Gruesome Punishments

Chapter Ten: Scrubbed and Scoured

Chapter Eleven: Home Again, Home Again

Chapter Twelve: Waking Up

Chapter Thirteen: The Hog’s Hedge

Chapter Fourteen: Old Friends

Chapter Fifteen: Once Upon a Chime

Chapter Sixteen: Closing Time

Chapter Seventeen: A Princess Consensus

Chapter Eighteen: Well-Plotted

Chapter Nineteen: The Witch Who Was

Chapter Twenty: Real Unicorn Greaseballs

Chapter Twenty-One: Dragons vs. Unicorns!

Chapter Twenty-Two: Elk vs. Bull!

Chapter Twenty-Three: New Magic

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